A brief history………

On the 17th September 1937 a conveyance and Trust Deed relating to the proposed Village Hall was drawn up between the donor Capt G.C.O’Shaughnessy Cree to Major Smith and others.  The necessary safeguards and provisions for administering the future premises were listed and duly signed.  The Village Hall was built by public subscription and in 1972 a further piece of land was leased from G.A.M. Cree for a nominal sum for use as a car park.

Sample financial & letting records

1938      Mrs Pride – wedding                           15s.0d

              Football dance                                  15s.0d

              Piano tuned                                        7s.0d 

1940      Billeting 3030 Battery                       £1.0s.2d

              Army 11 Lectures @2/6d                 £1.7s.6d

              Chocolate takings                       £33.9s.31/2d

1945      September VJ tea party                        6s.0d

The list of people, clubs and societies using the hall has gradually increased over the years and with it of course the cost of running, repairs and replacements.