Form and Ts&Cs

Conditions of Hire

  1. The named Hirer will be responsible during the period of hire for all the fabric and contents,including for damage however slight or change to the fabric.  A returnable deposit will be taken against any damage which may occur during the hire and the full cost of any repair will be the responsibility of the Hirer.
  2. The Hirer will be responsible for the behaviour of all those using the Village Hall during the hire period.
  3. Car Parking must be supervised to avoid any obstruction to the access to the Village Hall or to the Cricket and Social Club or to Pollards Lane.
  4. The Village Hall may only be used for the purposes for which it has been hired and may not be sub-let.
  5. The Village Hall must not be used for any unlawful purpose and alcohol can only be consumed with the written permission of the Village Hall Committee.
  6. No goods or equipment can be stored without prior consultation.
  7. It is the responsibility of the Hirer to obtain any licences required for the purpose of the hire.
  8. All local regulations made by outside bodies must be complied with, particularly those involving dancing and performances open to the general public and all events must finish by midnight (music must stop at 11.45pm).
  9. Any electrical and/or any other equipment brought on to the premises is the responsibility of the Hirer and is in no circumstances covered by the Village Hall’s insurance.
  10. The Village Hall is not registered for the purposes of a ‘food business’.  Food may only be brought on to the premises on the day of the event and must be removed the same day.  No food or drink can be stored on the premises except with consultation and written permission of the Committee.
  11. The Hirer may cancel any bookings with reasonable notice.  Any charge or repayment will be at the discretion of the Committee.  The full fee will be charged if no notice is given.
  12. The Hirer will be responsible for leaving the hall clean and tidy, locked and secure and leave contents where found.  Particular care must be taken to leave heating and lighting as directed for the time of year.  The Committee reserve the right to make a charge for cleaning, caretaking and unnecessary use of gas and electricity if the above are not satisfactory.
  13. No rubbish is to be left at the Village Hall.  The Hirer must supply their own bags/sacks for rubbish removal.
  14. If the Village Hall is required by the Local Authority for use as a Polling Station for elections or referendums then the Committee reserves the right to cancel any booking already made with full refund of any monies taken.
  15. In the event of unforeseen circumstances rendering the Village Hall unusable at any time, then the Committee will cancel and return any charges paid but cannot be held liable for any losses or damage whatsoever.
  16. All hirings must comply with the current regulations for Health & Safety, Child Protection and Equal Opportunities Policy as contained in the Appendix to the Village Hall Governing Document displayed on the noticeboard in the porch.
  17. To comply with Health & Safety and Food Hygiene Regulations animals and children are not allowed in the kitchen.
  18. The fridge, dishwasher and cooker must be left clean and empty.
  19. The Hirer must appoint a person to organise emergency evacuation of the Village Hall as per instructions posted in the Hall.  This person is to be responsible for phoning the emergency services as necessary. 
  20. Internal Emergency exit lights must be on at all times when the Village Hall is occupied. These must be turned off at the end of the hire period..